Thursday, February 20, 2014

No More Tears

My girl, Brooke has one of the most sensitive heads I have ever heard of!  She tears up, cries, whines, yells, etc every time I even think about brushing her hair.  We resorted to putting a braid in her hair every single night to prevent daily issues.  You know, Cinderella takes her hair out of braids in the beginning of the movie.  And so, if a Princess wears braids to sleep in, then Brooke would, too!  This started when she was 3 years old.  She's now about to turn 7!  I can't believe she will be 7, sigh...  Anywho, tonight when we were going through the 'after bath' tears of getting her hair brushed, I asked her if she wanted to get her hair cut.  I explained that if there was less of it, then there'd be less tangles, less tears, etc.  She said that would be fine but that I had to cut her hair, she didn't want to go to "that place".  I'm not sure why there is a fear of the hair salon however home hair cuts are cheaper and if it makes her happy, I am ALL IN!
When I was a young girl, I remember flipping upside on the monkey bars in my backyard for my mom to cut my hair into layers.  We didn't have monkey bars available and so a bar stool would do just fine.  
And so here are the results:


Getting ready...

here we go!!

so far so good...

a little more here and there....

the biggest fascination was the fallen hair
All Done... she is thrilled!  & so am I!  To top it off we brushed right through with the greatest of ease!  
No more tears!  Yea!!

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