Thursday, August 28, 2014

Baby Shower = Motivation

I haven't written anything in F-O-R-E-V-E-R .... sorry about that!  I tend to trudge through life at times not taking in all the glory and amazing-ness around me!  The goal, once again, is to post away.....

Today's event covered many a celebration amongst friends:  one of us is having a baby very soon, another is celebrating 11 years of being super naturally healed of Crohn's Disease, another is officially launching her business with the creation of her website, yet another of us is having a birthday in a couple of weeks AND I am also celebrating that I had people over to my home to enjoy time sitting around, chatting, and need to be a host is very clear to  This morning was incredible!  My home felt good.  It was accommodating and comfortable.  The timing of everything was good.  The food I made and that everyone brought was yummy!  We had a great time!  

MaryAnn and Jason are having a BOY!  He is not named yet but I have to tell you this baby is already so loved!  The three of us weren't able to be a part of the shower that was given to them at our church so we figured getting us girls together was important!  We chowed on an Egg, Mozzarrella & Spinach bake; Zucchini Muffins; Banana Bread; Maple Ham; Hashbrowns; & a fruit medley with strawberries, blueberries and apple.  I was able to use my pretty pitcher with the glasses for water and a couple of us enjoyed some coffee.  YUM!!

I decorated with the onesies that I bought and ironed ties on and a couple that I got from the Thrift Store.

Didn't they come out oh so cute!  The one on the left was my first attempt and I almost goofed!  I put the color up instead of down and actually put some of the color on my pillowcase I was using.  Oops!  I created these by printing out a tie template and then printing out the iron on sheet with the different backgrounds.  I cut out the ties and then placed them on top of the backgrounds and cut them out.  At the top of the tie I had to round the edge a bit to make them fit the shirt.  It was easy, peasy....

Elizabeth got MaryAnn some creative gifts that will come in  The first of which I would not know about and have never heard of until today!  Do you know what the green thing is that is pictured below?  

That, my friends, is a Tee Pee cover.  Like I said, MaryAnn is going to have a boy so she will need "protection" when it comes to changing him.  I have girls so this was never a problem for me.  Elizabeth has all girls so she had never had one of these either.  Just for fun Mary Ann put it on her head.  LOL

A couple of the other practical gifts from Elizabeth were a book and also a framed print with the House Rules on it.  So cute!  Here's MaryAnn already learning about being a New Mom ....

Before everyone headed in all the different directions of our busy life we had a time of prayer for Baby Boy & his parents!  

It was a joy to hang with my Sisters in Christ!  
I am so very excited for all of you and your miracles/accomplishments!  
I enjoy "doing life" with you!