Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Summer + Bubbles = Fun, Fun, Fun!

I have always loved bubbles!  Bubbles in my bath, Bubbles in my Champagne, lol, & as soon as my girls could toddle we were outside blowing bubbles.  Using the wands, whether homemade or bought are super fun!  We, also, love bubble machines! One time, our neighbors from two streets over saw the bubbles in their yard and came running to play with us.  I had no idea that bubbles would get that far!  It was a fun, fun afternoon! 
Just like with any other kiddo activity, if it’s liquid it will end of spilling!  We had one particular day that almost turned gray when it was discovered that there was NOMOREBUBBLEJUICE!  Oh NO!  The nightmare!!  When the plan is to blow bubbles it’s hard to steer a toddler away from that plan.  Oh, unless you have chalk, chalk will normally steer them away from anything!  Ha!  Alas, bubble juice needs to be kept in quantities!  Instead of buying it in bulk, why not make yourself up a batch with ingredients that you probably already have handy?  
Easy Peasy Bubbles!!
4 cups of warm water
½ cup Dish Soap (I prefer blue Dawn)
½ cup sugar (granulated)
Stir together the sugar and warm water until dissolved then add the dish soap.  That’s it!  Now it’s time to Enjoy! 
I made mine for a gallon container with a pourer so my girls can fill up their own bubble bottles.  They are a little older now so every now and then the bottles lids are too tight for them but other than that, I get to sit back, watch and of course, take pics of their enjoyment! 
Gallon Recipe -
12 cups warm/hot water
1 ½ cups Dawn dish soap
1 ½ cups sugar

I pour the sugar and water in the container and stir until dissolved then I add the Dawn and stir with a large wooden spoon.
If you want to be real creative how about creating your own bubble blowing wands with wire & beads or by just shaping pipe cleaners
And now how about a recipe just FOR you!? 

(these measurements are for whatever sized container that works best for you.  I used a recycled jar of chicken bullion cubes)
1/3 (Your favorite smelling) Dish Soap (I have just discovered Dawn Escapes Hawaiian Pineapple YUM! )
1/3 Table Salt
1/3 Granulated Sugar
Blend together until smooth.  Leave it for 24 hours and then Enjoy!  I rinse my hands with warm water and then pour a nickel sized amount in my palm and then I rub my hands together.  Rinse with warm water & You will have THE softest hands EVER!!
Have a glorious rest of your summer!

Monday, March 2, 2015

Ice, Ice Baby!

So along with the change of weather involving snow on a regular basis, today marks my first ever ice storm!  If anyone had ever asked me to share what I would want if an ice storm ever hit, I would say:  my family safe, my home with electricity, and no need to get on the road.  Thankfully the school is closed so my girls are home safe and sound.  My hubby has a doc appointment and then he'll be at work.  The electricity is working just fine.  And there is no need to get out on the road.  The skies today are very bright however the storm that hit during the night truly wrecked havoc on many people in our area.  I'm not going to get out on the roads today because now everything is melting and shifting.  That just doesn't sound like a good combination for this Southern girl!

These are all sights just outside my home in Pennsylvania.
We did venture yesterday when it would have made my hubby much happier if we had stayed home.  The girls had a birthday party and I just didn't have a bad vibe about it.  We did see one vehicle that had spun out on the interstate but we never once felt any slipping and sliding in our van.  I felt very thankful!

And as a very important to my kids side note:  Today is Dr. Seuss' birthday!  To celebrate we had Green Eggs & Ham!  I can't say it was very pretty however it was yummy!!


Monday, February 23, 2015

Snow Way!

There have been SO many changes that I'll just have to touch on some along with the present happenings.  The big change is that we moved to the North!  Yep, this Southern girl is dipping my toesies in the snow instead of the sand!  Steve and I continually look at each other and say, "really?! we live here?!"  It is not all negative we just aren't used to the new climate...yet!  I took a picture of myself after trying to get the snow off my van after about 2 hours of snowfall.  Did you know that you have to knock the snow off before you drive away?  I thought it would just come off because of the wind but apparently that can be dangerous for those that are behind you.  Ugh!  Who Knew!?!?  So much to learn...  Anywho, I spent about 5 minutes in the snow trying to get it off of my van which resulted in a covered head so when I got in I clicked a pic to Facebook my snow covered self.  Strangely enough, it turned out a pretty good picture.  I have gotten lots of compliments and it still makes me laugh.  I'm a blessed girl....  

The only issue I am having with living this far up the East Coast is that I'm just that much further from my Momma.  Although, we live closer to an airport now so her trip is only about 5 hours.  I just got to enjoy her presence for two full weeks!  We enjoyed a girls weekend at the IF:Gathering, went to see the movie Paddington Bear, she was a part of the sledding fun and she did the laundry for my girls and helped me sort them.  (My girls (and I) have WAY too many clothes!)  We are paring down but it's not an easy task.

The cold is just that...c-o-l-d.  I don't like being cold but I also don't like being cooped up inside so I'm finding things that I can do out in the cold.  

We went sledding the Redneck way last week.  We used cardboard boxes!  It was great fun!  We have a super cool hill right across the street from us.

The girls just celebrated Valentines Day at school.  This year we did Super Star Valentines.  I attached a bag with star sunglasses to a picture of the each girl and then they signed the back.  It was easy peasy.  Of course, I found the idea on Pinterest.  People can be SO clever!

So, all in all we are doing great!  I haven't been the happiest since I got here.  I don't think it was a woe is me kind of sadness.  There have been A LOT of changes in our last year and a half.  I am so grateful for all of my life's adventures.  I think I just got overwhelmed!  I need to focus more on being joyful and being more of a joy to be around.  I haven't found my groove yet but I'm definitely moving in the right direction.  We keep saying that we are here for a reason and that God is in charge.  Now I just need to make that more of a reality and Believe!  Be happy, my friends!